NERC grants Offshore Wind Park 1 permission to use part of the marine area

The National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) has granted a permit to Offshore Wind Park 1 to use part of the maritime area for the development and operation of offshore wind park.

NERC declared the offshore wind park developer, Ignitis Renewables and OW OFFSHORE, S.L., the successful bidders in the tender for the offshore wind park developer, which was launched on 30 March 2023, on the basis of a joint cooperation agreement.

Offshore wind park 1 has undertaken to build a power plant with an installed capacity of 735 MW and an maximum permissible generating capacity of 700 MW, using wind energy to generate electricity, in an offshore area located approximately 35 kilometres from Palanga.

As a reminder, the first phase of the second offshore wind tender is currently underway, with the registration of participants. Tender documents and bids can be submitted until 15 April.

Preparatory works for offshore wind farm development and related infrastructure No. 03-004-P-0001

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